Kelly P. Farley

 What inspires you?

Simplicity that enhances form and function

A large farm table with a variety of serving containers and a community of people enjoying the delicious food; cabinets stacked full of white ceramic plates, bowls and rows of porcelain cups and mugs; a series of forms scaled from tiny to large; bowls that nest; The periodic table of elements with its ordered columns and rows guiding glaze chemistry to perfection; the many late night hours stoking a wood kiln with the extreme heat radiating on my face.  Building on the legacy of our ancestors.

Which artist influences you?

Not one, but many

I absolutely love Magdalena Abakanowicz.  Her sculptures stand tall, full of grappling emotions, heroic and tragic.   Richard Carter.  His work intrepidly addresses our modern day cultural issues and shows humanity at its most fragile and indomitable spirit.  Luca della Robbia because his work is sensual and rich in life. 

What does Pope Valley Pottery mean to you?

 Freedom to explore and create

From impure red terra cotta to refined white porcelain; a wood kiln firing with variable atmospheres to a highly controlled gas kiln; hand made, wheel-thrown pottery to Auto CAD 3D printed designs.  These are the extremes I have been exposed to at the Pope Valley Pottery.  Our modern society embraces those extremes.  The great advancements of technology and mass production has made things instantly accessible, yet there is a longing for the unique touch which only a human spirit can imprint.  I make pottery with the intent to be concise, measure with precision, and challenged to bring the pottery alive to demonstrate the craft of a living person.